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Pinterest Ideas for Your 2021 Private & Home Proms

Tell us about your prom

    Our Mission

    Prom is a milestone that High School Students look forward to for years and we feel it is important to recognize and celebrate the moment and make the memories. We know Prom 2021 may feel uncertain and plans may be on hold, but we want to gather as a community and share ideas so that all Junior and Senior High School Students will be able to celebrate and have a Prom Experience. We also want to share Local Small Businesses that you can support while making the most of Prom 2021.

    We welcome High School Junior and Seniors and their parents to use our Contact Form and share information about the Prom you have planned for your School or your Friends. Follow our Pinterest Board, Social Media and Facebook Group to join us in brainstorming safe and fun ideas for a memorable prom experience this Spring. Take these ideas back to your school planning committees or get inspiration for your smaller Home Proms. Whatever Prom may look like for you in 2021 – Make It Happen!